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I love sketchbooks. Doodles and experiments are, in some ways, more interesting than the finished work. Spotted this one on fffound, really dig the jumping Batman at the top. Found this one on a sketchbook site.

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When it comes to comics, I only skim the surface. I like what I like and there is way too much out there to see if I like anything else. I tend to follow artists, although I admit to being … Continue reading

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Love this kind of stuff..

not sure who it is, maybe Ashley Wood. So inspired, am I, that I’m off to 9th Street to eat Cosmic Cantina burritos, hit the Regulator to get the new Communication Arts Design Annual and the comic shop for the … Continue reading

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Holy crap, it’s Tron come to life!!

Jeff linked me to this Ferrari motorcycle a while back and I’m still drooling. I don’t really care much for motorcycles, but this one is hot. So hot I’m filing it under “cars” and “art/design”.

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You know what I haven’t posted about in a couple of days…

GTi’s… “Volkswagen GTI W12 concept: a high-performance concept version of its GTI hatchback. Featuring a 12-cylinder, 6.0 liter engine, the Volkswagen GTI W12 can hit 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. Delivering 650 hp and 553 pound feet of torque, … Continue reading

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Drawing with Water

Amazing short video of Emmanuel Guibert’s ink drawing technique. Thanks to Brendan for the link.

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