When it comes to comics, I only skim the surface. I like what I like and there is way too much out there to see if I like anything else. I tend to follow artists, although I admit to being a fan of anything Alan Moore.
Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier brought me back to comics. Superhero stuff through and through, but miles above the rest. Fantastic story, fantastic art, the origins of one of the world’s first super groups done in a style that reflects the time period to a tee. Highly recommended to people jaded by comics.

Hellboy… I’ve been a fan since issue #1. Some of the greatest comic art ever, and an anti-hero with a great sense of humor. If you or someone you know thinks they don’t like comics, pick one of these up. Careful though, the best are the storylines written by, and illustrated by Mike Mignola himself, but he is a prolific writer and there are many stories only written by him.
I will be getting the new Hellboy one off (written/drawn by the man) and the Batman/Spirit book by Darwyn Cooke on Wednesday! Sweet!

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