book cover design

Last week I was out with my friend Liz and we spent some time in B&N looking at books we couldn’t afford; picking them up, talking about how we’d like to read them and putting them back down again. What we really wanted was to be able to find these books at Nice Price for half  price. I mentioned that we spent alot of time looking at books that we were almost sure to forget the titles of, so she broke out a paper and pen and started jotting down the titles and authors, while I, being drawn to the covers, took photos of the books with my camera phone. Pretty smart I thought.

Anywho,  the above book is one that grabbed me with it’s cover and that I’d like to read. Penguin/Pelican books are some of the most engaging in terms of cover design and there is a fair amount of web space dedicated to them; but this may be the best, allowing you to browse the covers by decades (the ’60’s are by far the best), then further by year.

There is also a nice set of pics on Flickr here.

I also stumbled on this site, which takes a broader look at book cover design. Well worth digging through and reading the comments from other designers.

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