Who doesn’t love them? Right?

I generally respect the commitment that comes with purchasing and/or borrowing a book; it says “I’m gonna read this.. as soon as I finish the laundry/that other book/that effing annoying website/etc”.

But sometimes a book can be boring. More than once have I been seduced by a cover, my interest piqued by a recommendation, or just felt like this was one of those books that I should read because so many others had.


Other books are just difficult to get through; which most of the time leads to lack of interest, followed by not paying attention, skimming the words, and finally, losing the plot altogether. Rare cases where a book is really good, but hard to get through, are books made up of short stories by one or multiple authors. Although David Sedaris is an exception, as was Steven King back in the good old days.

My friend Kevin Monahan let me borrow this some months back, and it’s quite funny, very funny in fact, but it’s also dozens of chapters made up of his various columns from newspapers, so it jumps all over the place subject wise and in the end becomes too much to read in one sitting. I am, however, almost finished and hope to return Kevin’s book to him next week. I’m sure he thinks he’s never getting it back (I can’t stand people like that. I make a list of who borrows what.. I’m not buying something twice just because some tosser can’t remember to get it back to me or throws it under the bed “out of sight out of mind”… you’re out of your bleedin’ mind, gimme my effin’ book back!)

Oh, by the way, that cool bookmark at the top of the post is available at thisintothat’s Etsy page.

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