it’s been a long time..

since I updated the blog, but I’ve posted several things today and have more to post in the coming days.

I spent the weekend in Atlanta, visiting friends and whatnot, but my primary purpose was to go to the Scion metal-fest at the Masquerade. This was a free show with 30 or so bands playing on four different stages. Now, anyone who knows me knows how important music is to me; my interests run from contemporary black metal, to late 60’s Jamaican ska and rocksteady, to late 70’s/early 80’s punk and hardcore that I grew up with, to some new indy stuff. Most people can get into most of what I listen to until the words “black metal” pop up. Images of idiots like Slipknot or Venom are the first things that pop into people’s heads, but the genre is far more diverse than that.

For my friend Jeff and I, this show was about a half a dozen or less of the bands playing. I was pleased that my old friends Neurosis were one of the headliners and was equally stoked to run into Scott, Steve and Dave while I waited in the line with 600 or so other “humans”. I’ve known these guys for 15 years or more and have been consistently impressed with each record they release. It was nice to catch up with them for a few minutes and to see them live again.

Some of the other highlights of the fest were seeing Krallice and Wolves In The Throne Room. Jeff and I were right up front for both of them and they blew us away. I thought Wolves were as tight as any band I’ve seen and they could have played for another hour and I would have been happy to stay.

The only redeeming quality about My Space anymore is that you can listen to almost any band in the world there, so if you are interested/curious/brave enough, head over to any of these band’s page and give them a try, you might be surprised.

This post made possible in part by the sheer genius of Neurosis and their “Souls at Zero” album, which I am currently renewing my love affair with.

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