How can something this cool be a crime?

NC State student Joseph Carnevale, the artist behind the Traffic Barrel Monster, has been arrested for stealing the barrels and “cutting and screwing them together to make a statue,” which apparently is a misdemeanor in North Carolina.

Carnevale goes by the name “uliveuburn” and has been a fixture in the Raleigh-area street art scene for a while, notable for his creation of the Boylan Bridge Angry Man. Given the similar theme and creativity it didn’t take the local police long to decide the 21-year-old is to blame. The total cost of the damage has been estimated at $360 and a court case is scheduled for July 21st.

PS: here is a pic of the Boylan Bridge Monster:

PPS: I stole every bit of this from the interweb. I was drinking a Coors Banquet Beer at the time. Don’t judge, when was the last time you had a Coors? Not that shitty Coors Lite, a real gold can Coors? Do yourself a favor, try it; if you don’t like it then you made up your mind before you had your first sip and that leaves more out there for us who know.

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