Micro cars…

are kinda awesome. The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, 50 miles east of Atlanta in Morgan County, has the world’s largest collection of the world’s smallest cars. Basically the product of the post WWII economy, these small, affordable means of transport were mainly build in the defeated Axis countries by companies that had previously been involved in the now forbidden aviation industries. BMW, Fiat, Mazda, Messerschmitt, Zundapp, Fuji, Honda, and Subaru are just some of the names you might recognize among the many cars in the museum’s collection. This is a road trip waiting to happen.

1961 Isetta 300:

1967 Solyto Break Camping:

1961 Messerschmitt Service Car:

1958 Goggomobil DART (Batmobile Jr??):

Browse the site for pics of many, many more; including cars that are no longer in the collection and cars for sale. There are also a couple of BMW Isetta’s on eBay right now for around $15k.

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