I’ve been fascinated by derelict buildings for as long as I can remember. Given the opportunity, I’ll scale a fence or crawl through a briar patch to get a look inside one.

I recently stumbled on Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre‘s photography site; this talented duo are two after my own heart. Their portfolios of the ruins of Detroit, the factories of the former East Germany and abandoned theatres here in the US are breathtaking.

Similarly, this Flickr set of Hellingly Asylum in the UK is stunningly frightening, but I’d still explore a bit… just not at night.

I’ve also bookmarked a Polish site that features less-than-high-quality photos of old factories and various Nazi and Soviet fortifications/bases/factories. These may be more haunting because of their assumed histories.

The Polish site is here, look for the descriptor “Fortyfikacje, obiekty militarne, fabryki” for these types of galleries.

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One Response to Ruins

  1. Jess says:

    these are awesome. there are some great old, abandoned farmhouses and such up in and around hillsborough that are a lot of fun to go looking around in, but nothing as awesome as that asylum.

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