Ellie Snow

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything here, but when I found this invite to my friends Jason and Erin’s wedding in the mailbox today I was reminded of what talented friends I have.

This little lovely was created by Ellie Snow, a Durham based designer and blog-machine! Ellie and her husband Brendan Ward are two of the most talented people I know, and, much like my friends Matt Haffner and Laura Bell in Atlanta, also a sickeningly adorable couple. Just kidding.. sort of.

Ellie’s blog; Mint is a constant source of inspiration, from her own beautiful work to the work of other talented people that her keen eye discovers. I am lucky enough to own a couple of her beautiful photographs and have purchased oodles of inexpensive art that has been featured on Mint.

In addition to being a talented person, Ellie is also a sweet and deceptively funny girl (“what’s faster than the Big Bang Theory? I mean, it’s like BAM!..”). Brendan is a barrel of laughs too, but this post isn’t about him, so he can suck it.

Ellie works hard on her blog and it has become a regular stop for thousands of people looking for inspiration and information; as, in addition to her own work, Ellie regularly features beautiful and creative work from all over the intenet. Take some time to look through her site and I promise, you will walk away feeling creative. For that I say: “Thanks, Ellie!”

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3 Responses to Ellie Snow

  1. ellie says:

    awww tracy. shucks. gonna make me teary.

  2. Ailen says:

    I love the casual tone of that first one… Wedding invitations can be so antiquated sometimes. “Super excited” are much better words for a wedding than “the honor of your presence.”

  3. Brendan says:

    I can’t believe this post is NOT about me. Gah.

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