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Hey hey!

Guess who finally remembered the password to his blog?? THIS GUY! I know you’ve all been missing my posts about cars and things that are “so freakin’ stormtrooper”.. so without further uh-doo… This is a picture of my friend Jeff … Continue reading

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Before Audi was Audi…

it was Auto Union. They made some ugly cars in the 50’s, but they made some of the most beautiful cars in the world in the 30’s. The Auto Union Type C and D “Silver Arrows” are among my favorite … Continue reading

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Micro cars…

are kinda awesome. The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, 50 miles east of Atlanta in Morgan County, has the world’s largest collection of the world’s smallest cars. Basically the product of the post WWII economy, these small, affordable means of transport … Continue reading

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it’s no Volkswagen…

oh wait, it kinda is. The Audi TT has never been my favorite car, but it’s growing on me. The new models have lost the squashed VW bug look that they used to have and look as fast as they … Continue reading

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Back in the 70s, vans with airbrush murals came a dime a dozen. This one must have turned some heads!

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’60’s European Rally races

Watch Minis, 2-stroke Saabs, Citro├źn DSs, and even Ford Mustangs tear up the streets, fire roads, and goat tracks of Europe! What else are you gonna do, you’re on the clock? Watch ’em here.

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Speaking of color shift…

check out these pages from an old Plymouth brochure.. and the clothes. Let’s hope those don’t come back. Given the new American car trend of recycling, er, updating old designs; how long until we see something reminiscent of the ’71 … Continue reading

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